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Meet your Small Town Builder and Developer

Stone Martin Builders has been building in the local area for over 15 years. We are a privately held local homebuilder and we grew up in this area just like most of our homeowners. This is why the idea of Old Samford is so special – it simply came from the heart of a local business that has roots to the area with a focus on family. We wanted to create a sense of community in the heart of Auburn that has grown with countless families since the town of Auburn was established. We've come together with the city of Auburn, our trade partners and team members to not only imagine the possibilities of bringing a one of a kind masterplanned community experience to the area, but to make it a reality. Old Samford is just getting started and we look forward to breaking ground with you in the months to come.

We will be the first to say thank you for trusting us to create this community.

We will be the first to say "Welcome Home."


Feel free to take a moment and explore the homes we offer today, but stay tuned to learn about the plans that will be exclusively offered in Old Samford!

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